“Emphasize Prevention more than Cure of Disease” – President Museveni

Sunday, 18th March 2018
President Yoweri Museveni has said that Ugandans need to emphasise prevention of disease rather than cure because most of the diseases that afflict the people of Uganda are preventable.
Presiding over cerebrations to mark 20 year of the existence of Bushenyi Medical Centre located in Kabwoohe Town Council in Sheema District yesterday, President Museveni said that with mass immunisation that is being carried out in the Uganda, if the population added hygiene, proper nutrition, use of safe water and avoided reckless life styles, many of the diseases affecting Ugandans would be prevented.
Bushenyi Medical Centre is a private hospital that was founded 20 years ago by the Sheema South Member of Parliament who is also the Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation, Dr. Elioda Tumwesigye.
Mr. Museveni said that diseases greatly affect countries and their economic performance because those ailments consume a lot of time and resources on top of affecting the productivity of the labour force. He commended Dr. Elioda Tumwesigye for putting up the hospital that not only serves thousands of Ugandans but has also greatly supplemented Government efforts in the health sector. He contributed Shs.30 million towards the expansion of the hospital.
The President used the occasion to thank the people of Sheema District in particular and of Greater Bushenyi for supporting the Movement overtime. He said that their support has greatly strengthened NRM and enabled the Party to guarantee peace and security over the last 32 years on top of developing the country.
Mr. Museveni said that whereas the country continues to develop and government is on the right track in the provision of the necessary development infrastructure, Uganda will not develop if the population does not work to overcome household poverty. He cited the fact that the last population census indicated that 68% of the Ugandan population were not in the money economy which shows that the majority of the population live a subsistence life which is not a good indicator.
 He, therefore, urged the people to play their part in the poverty eradication struggle and assured them that government is always ready to support the population with all the necessary incentives.
Dr. Elioda Tumwesigye, on his part, lauded the President and the NRM Government for putting in place a conducive environment that has enabled the country to develop and even propelled players in the private sector to make a contribution towards the development of their numerous areas.
He said that in the 20 years of the existence of Bushenyi Medical Centre, the facility has devoted much effort into research especially in the prevention and treatment of people living with HIV/AIDS in order to help those afflicted to live longer.