“Lack of household Income is cause of all Problems” – President

Friday 24th August 2018
President Yoweri Museveni has said that all problems in Uganda arise from the lack of household incomes.
The President made the remarks last evening at State House, Entebbe during a meeting with NRM women leaders.
The President noted that according to all population censuses held in the past, government has discovered that 68% of homesteads in the country are in the subsistence economy characterized by only working for eating and not for earning money. He said that if households had income they would be able to use it to solve many of their problems by themselves.  
“Household incomes have been a problem for a long time. If you want to help your people, assist them to get out of subsistence farming to modern farming,” he said.
President Museveni stressed that household income is a big problem adding that leaders should come out and help to address it. “Uganda has very rich people. It is not true that there is only poverty but there is also wealth but it is only in the hands of the 32%,” he said.
Mr. Museveni, therefore, advised the women leaders to help their communities move from subsistence farming to the four money-making activities such as modern farming methods, factories, services and ICT.
“After moving to modern agriculture, you should make sure that you are earning a profit,” he said. He advised the leaders to encourage their people to adapt the four-acre model farming. He called on the women leaders in the villages to monitor their communities at the parish level and find out how many homes are in subsistence farming and modern agriculture and for the urban leaders to know how each household is faring.
He also warned against land fragmentation noting that many families would soon be in crisis because the leaders are not advising the people against land fragmentation.
Regarding the youth, the President urged the leaders to reach out to the youth and encourage them to shun, completely, drug abuse, alcoholism and promiscuity saying that they have left many of them jobless and destroyed their lives.
“Government will come up with rehabilitation centers to help the youth recover from drug abuse and so on,” he said.
He, at this juncture, called on MPs to restructure the budget so that more money is availed to the women and youth fund. “We need to reduce travel abroad, administration and so on, so that we get more than Shs.32 billion for the Youth and Women Fund. Let us strengthen these funds and push them to about Shs. 400 billion,” he said.  
He added that there is no reason why the youth and women should be poor in Uganda. “If you cannot be rich in agriculture at least be rich in industry,” he advised.
The Minister for the Presidency, Hon. Esther Mbayo, NRM Secretary General, Hon. Justine Kasule Lumumba, State Minister for Gender and Culture, Hon. Peace Mutuuzo, Chairperson NRM Women League, Ms. Lydia Wanyoto, district women representatives, district Women Council Chairpersons and Chairpersons of Women League at districts, attended the meeting.