Lango Community Pledges to Work with Government

Monday, August 14, 2017
President Yoweri Museveni has called upon the leaders of Lango to encourage and promote the growth of industrial starch factories in their area by sensitizing the populace on the need to grow more cassava in the vacant pieces of lands so as to create starch for use in the pharmaceutical companies.
The President was today speaking in a meeting with the Lango Community Association delegation led by Reverend Canon Dr. Johnson Ebong, at State House, Entebbe.
“We have a quality chemical factory in Luzira but because they are importing starch, they are not so competitive. I have been working very hard to get somebody to invest in starch and I have been promised in some countries. Lango will be a good place because of the cassava that it produces,” the President said.
He noted that with starch factories in place, pharmaceutical companies in the country would be able to integrate with the starch industry adding that it would  go a long way in helping the development and creation of employment opportunities for the people.
The Lango Community Association, which comprises elected leaders to represent the people of Lango in the areas of Jinja, Kampala and Entebbe, pledged to work with government to foster holistic developmental changes in their community.
“In response to what the government is doing, we want to let you know that we are ready to work with you and also provide technical support. We are excited about the plans of the Operation Wealth Creation programme more especially in the area of sensitizing the masses about the project,” said Dr. Ebong.
The community thanked the President for having supported the consecration of the new Bishop of Lango, Rt. Rev. Dr. Alfred Olwa, as the third bishop of Lango Diocese and for the infrastructural developments in Lira district that include; Lira University, Lira Referral Hospital, rural electrification, Karuma power project and Lira High Court, among others, which have benefited wananchi.
The Lango community also requested the President for support to enable them as leaders work fully to ensure the implementation and sensitization of government programmes in commercialized agriculture, industrialization and research on solar energy.