President Combs Rukungiri District for NRM’s Woman Candidate

Tuesday 29th May 2018
President Yoweri Museveni who has today traversed Rukungiri District canvassing support for the NRM flag bearer Ms. Winfred Matsiko Komuhangi, for the District Woman MP slot, has concluded his 2-day campaign in the district.
The President final rally took place in Rukungiri Municipality where Mr. Museveni who is the National Chairman of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) castigated politics of sectarianism based on religion and tribe. He called upon the electorate in the entire Rukungiri District to vote NRM Party massively saying that “there is no tribe that is bigger than Uganda.”
The President told the rally in the Municipality that he was prompted to promote entrepreneuriaship skills in Rukungiri District because it was vital to run productive businesses because that is one of the sources of employment to many people adding that in that way the Government would be supporting the Operation Wealth Creation Programme at household level for town dwellers. 
He urged the electorate in Rukungiri Municipality to vote massively for the NRM flag bearer come 31st May 2018 so that the Movement continues to consolidate further its achievements of unity, peace, security, infrastructure development. During the rally, Mr. Museveni received Hakuna Mchezo mobilizers and welcomed converts from the opposition FDC.
Earlier, the President addressed rallies in the Sub-Counties of Bugangari and Bwambara in the Rift Valley Corridor as well as Buhunga and Ruhinda Sub-Counties explaining to the electorate in those areas that politics entails what one needs and who can and is better suited to fix that need.
The flag bearer for the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Ms. Winfred Matsiko Komuhangi is tussling it out with opposition and some independent candidates in the by-elections for the Rukungiri District Woman Member of Parliament. The seat fell vacant after the recent Court of Appeal nullification of Ms. Matsiko Komuhangi’s victory in the 2016 elections, citing some irregularities.
President Museveni asked the people of Bugangari and Bwambara in particular and Rukungiri District in general to vote for National Resistance Movement (NRM) candidate Winfred Matsiko Komuhangi so that they send to him person who will support Party programmes that will benefit the people of Rukungiri District.
“The reason I am here is to ask for your support so that we serve you better. The reason we joined politics is to liberate the people and we did that through peace and development," he said.
President Museveni used the occasion to urge voters that as they strive to fulfill their electoral rights, they should also put emphasis on hard work to generate household income instead of spending their quality time listening to detractors who are always yelling out ‘Museveni’ and when he should go.
He advised the enthusiastic wananchi to tap into government programmes that have specifically benn designed to help them fight household poverty. He said that the government has a grand plan for every body irrespective of whether they have big chunks of land or not.
Regarding issues in the health sector President said that NRM government has put emphasis on prevention rather than cure adding that immunization programmes have yielded strong positive results.
He expressed happiness that electricity is in the area. He assured the electorate that the road from Kashenshero in Mitooma to Rukungiri will be tarmac without forgetting other major roads in the area. ENDS