President meets South Sudan Leader Salva Kiir, other Sudanese Stakeholders

Friday, 21st July 2017
President Yoweri Museveni has continued a hands-on approach with his efforts to bring the disagreeing South Sudanese groups by convening another meeting between President Salva Kiir and his country’s other stakeholders so that the South Sudanese groups talk rather than continue fighting.

Following yesterday's meeting between President Museveni, his South Sudan counterpart, President Salva Kiir and former political detainees within SPLM led by Mrs. Rebecca Garang, a special meeting was convened between the latter groups.

At the end of today’s session, Mr. Museveni, who convened the meeting at State House, Entebbe scheduled another meeting in the near future to which other dissenting SPLM groups in South Sudan will take part including a representative of Mr. Riek Machar and other key players to a roundtable discussion with the sole intention of bringing about the unity of the SPLM Party.

“The people of South Sudan gave you incredible political capital in the referendum and subsequent election. This should not be squandered," he observed.
President Salva Kiir, on his part, thanked President Museveni for receiving him and his delegation as well as other South Sudanese stakeholders with a view to promote peace and stability in Africa’s youngest independent country.  
Ms. Rebecca Nyandeng Garang, wife to fallen SPLM leader, John Garang, described the meeting as "cordial, open and frank leading to a much needed start of reconciliation to consolidate efforts to unite the South Sudan ruling party and the nation."
The release of some political detainees was hailed as a big step by the SPLM government in the right direction to fulfil the implementation of the Arusha Agreement. The group also expressed willingness to work with the government in the process of restoring peace to the South Sudan.