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Honoring Our Unknown Heroes in Unmarked Graves

June, 2, 15
This week President Barack Obama awarded two dead US World War 1 army heroes, a black and Jewish who were denied medals because of racial discrimination, the Medal of Honour, the highest military honor there, yet here we think 1986 is too far. Read more about Honoring Our Unknown Heroes in Unmarked Graves

The Useful Things Ugandans Don’t Learn

Africa Must Learn the Ways of The Wolves

May, 8, 15                    
Events of the last few weeks in Burundi may seem at first sight to be innocent political struggles by the citizens for genuine adherence to constitutionalism, democracy and the rule of law against their overbearing and greedy leaders. However, looking back to Western imperialism and Africa over the last five decades, we should not be surprised, that today’s penetration of Africa and its governments by Western foreign funded Non-Government Organisations is in vogue. Read more about Africa Must Learn the Ways of The Wolves

The Judiciary Should Not Gag the Public

RDCs, CAOs, DISOs, and police, Tighten Up

Uganda is not Nigeria, NRM Will Easily Win Elections

Uganda will not Collapse

April, 6, 15                              Read more about Uganda will not Collapse

Water is Life, Use it Wisely

By Josepha Jabo
 ‘Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink,’ so goes one of the stanzas in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, a poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. The poem recounts a sailor’s experience who, while lost at sea and suffering from thirst and dehydration, was surrounded by the ocean’s undrinkable saltwater. We do not realize how valuable water is until we do not have it. Read more about Water is Life, Use it Wisely


I regard myself as fairly well travelled.  Have I not visited the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the London Eye in UK and the Statue of Liberty in New York?  I have also savored the Sandy beaches of Barcelona and toured the Bay of Fundy, in Canada.  I cannot list the many wonders of the world I have seen. They are many and it was a privilege, but it’s a shame I know little about my Uganda, the Pearl of Africa.  Last week we sampled Lake Mburo and Queen Elizabeth National Parks.  We were amazed at the beauty, variety of wild game and the breath taking landscapes. Read more about PROMOTE LOCAL TOURISM

Mugisha Muntu’s Maths Don’t Add Up

Having been strangulated for the last three years, Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) President Maj. Gen. (rtd) Greg Mugisha Muntu on Monday emerged from the woods in an angry and dispirited tone to ‘unveil’ the “FDC Policy agenda for Uganda’s Leap Forward,” which got gullible supporters cheering. Unfortunately he didn’t provide figures and so we can’t add the maths. To “leap forward,” there must be a strong base, which NRM is building, and this four point leap policy is too little, too late. Read more about Mugisha Muntu’s Maths Don’t Add Up