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Tribute to Maumbe Mukhwana

Life is a wily conundrum. Within its seeming bustle, stalks an unwelcome phenomenon we call death. By the harshness and finality of this said death, we are once again confronted with a sad reality. Jack MaumbeMukwana, with whom we were accustomed to share every weal and woe of living, is now no more.

The NRM Government is still Broad-Based and Inclusive

Feb, 02.17 
Since the appointments of Uganda People’s Congress MP for Oyam County North, Betty Amongi, Beti Olive Kamya, the president of the Uganda Federal Alliance and Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi from the Democratic Party into cabinet as ministers, there has been mixed reactions, some castigating them for capitulation. The recent appointment of DP national chairperson Mohammed Baswale Kezzala as deputy ambassador designate, has renewed the political hullabaloo over which direction Uganda’s politics is headed. 

We shall live our Lives even with President Donald Trump

01, 24, 17 

For Whom does Besigye’s Bell Toll!

Putting 2016 and 2017 in Perspective

Uganda Media is Part of the ‘corrupt’ Elite Culture

Kasese Should Answer to Own Sins


The cultural leader of Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu, Charles Wesley Mumbere is in the Dogs House (Prison) as Americans would call it, charged for now, only with murder at the Jinja Magistrates Court on the 29th Nov 2016. Mumbere, was arrested from his palace on 27th November 2016 by the police in a joint security operation following a spate of gruesome murders of people including that of about twenty security personnel with the crime trail leading to the palace and himself. Read more about Kasese Should Answer to Own Sins

The Civil Service need further Shake Up!

Museveni’s Luwero tour is an Indictment to local Leaders!

Nov, 2, 16
President Yoweri Museveni’s return to Luwero early this week in an effort to re-mobilise the local people especially the very low down peasants to double their energies and creativity on the socio-economic agenda dubbed, Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) has, as expected generated support and excitement as well as sarcasm in equal measure. The president’s many and repeated field tours on the same subject is a grave indictment on the respective leaders who have abdicated responsibilities. Read more about Museveni’s Luwero tour is an Indictment to local Leaders!

Ugandans should Reject Xenophobia against Indians, Chinese