Museveni-Otunnu Handshake was a Gesture of Good Will

By Josepha Jabo

Watching the Saturday evening news; I was pleasantly surprised to see President Museveni moving forward to publically shake UPC Leader Olara Otunnu’s hand, more so in the wake of the walk-to-work protests that Otunnu took part in recently. It was a gesture of good will and I was glad to see Otunnu returning President Museveni’s vigorous handshake. Explaining the handshake, Otunnu later called it a, ‘sign of peace.’ It is no secret that Otunnu is one of President Museveni’s sharpest critics and was a once a member of the UPC Government that was responsible for the killings in Luwero, nevertheless, the handshake shows political maturity on President Museveni’s part demonstrating he is willing to move forward and let bygones be bygones. It also shows President Museveni recognizes the need for dialogue between the Government and the Opposition. The fact that the incident took place at a Christian event (Gulu Archdiocese’s celebration of 100 years since the Comboni missionaries arrived in Uganda and introduced Christianity in Uganda, further shows the handshake was a sign of Christian Brotherhood between the two men. I have noticed that President Museveni is a forgiving person, this, amongst other virtues he possesses, explains why he has been entrusted by God to lead this country and he is still going strong after 25 years.
The Writer works for Uganda Media Centre