NRM Will Defeat the Vast Conspiracy

By Ofwono Opondo

Aug, 03, 15  
The opposition and their allies are trying to weave a vast conspiracy in a futile belief that they can thwart President Yoweri Museveni from getting elected within the first around, and hopefully force a re-run. Museveni will win within the first round.
And is often said that desperate times, calls for desperate measures, so as opinion polls continue showing FDC President Mugisha Muntu trailing, he is becoming visibly irritated as if to outdo Kizza Besigye in making aimless angry outbursts. In Mbale Muntu said if he is not elected Ugandans should be “prepared to endure another five years of poverty,” which sent many wondering what he does for a personal living.
The Democratic Alliance (TDA) working with self-styled “independent presidential candidate,” Amama Mbabazi, is a scheme similar to the Inter Political Forces Cooperation (IPFC) that sponsored Paul Semogerere and Mohamed Kibirige Mayanja in 1996. Over the years NRM has systematically dismantled opposition false platforms. Besigye, Muntu and Mbabazi may now need government to perhaps to throw them in jail to resuscitate their electoral fortunes; otherwise they are dead in the waters.
TDA is vacillating on all major political issues opposition had been raising like electoral reforms, election boycott and fielding sole candidates and the same people accusing Museveni of not retiring are getting recycled back.
The IPFC rallied around return to multipartysm and ending war in northern Uganda which in their skewed view was a fraud created by Museveni as retribution against people there. In 2001, the same forces found a new convert in Besigye who they gullibly believed as an ‘insider’ would deliver a major spilt, which failed.
Exploiting the frustrations of the war wearied regions, Besigye made his clarion call to dislodge Museveni in 2001 and 2006, blaming Museveni for all the problems yet he and Muntu as NPC, and Army Commander respectively had abandoned the battle fronts. They were aided by Aggrey Awori, Francis Bwengye and Chaapa Karuhanga all ranting ‘corruption’ as a major election issue and hoped to split their regions of origin to deny Museveni outright victory. In 2006 and 2011 similar alliances returned in what DP’s Norbert Mao termed giving Museveni “multiple sources of headache” which failed too. Instead, the opposition represented by Besigye, Mao, Samuel Lubega, Olara Otuunu, Bidandi Ssali, Bwanika and Beti Kamya got demolished.
Now Besigye, Muntu and Mbabazi are boldly telling Ugandans that the work they did all along with Museveni defending and rebuilding Uganda has been well calculated fraud. Fortunately, not many Ugandans seem to believe them. To them, all the mayhem left behind by ADF, LRA, UPA and cattle rustlers is perhaps Hollywood movies, and preventing future impunity is a cynical attempt by Museveni to gain political advantage for self-aggrandisement.
TDA is so riled that Museveni is being “endorsed,” by NRM organs and other interested Ugandans, as if that is not a form of democracy, yet TDA is being sponsored by an NGO consortium. Mbabazi’s great fall takes me to the nursery school rhyme of “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again.”
While the section of the media focus on Mbabazi’s political antics and the anxiety over the upcoming elections, but mostly ignoring the surreal drift of his troubles to enable him temporarily escape the harsh scrutiny, this is not going to be an easy time for him and his campaign.
It seems as if to be considered as an opposition faithful the disconnected leaders have to put themselves through ideological, intellectual and moral contortions, ignore, and pretend a lot too. And in politics, when the facts are bad enough, you don’t have to embellish your opponent’s problems. Today, it is the truth that opposition candidates and activists have to avoid acknowledging that Uganda is getting better because incredibly that phrase is controversial.
And especially if you ‘left’ NRM, your record doesn’t matter because Ugandans have an acute memory lapse. It is convenient to pretend that when Museveni goes to villages among peasants to drum support for improvement of public health, education and household incomes it is a wastage of time and resources. Similarly, it is a sign of corruption when he meets big businesses to lure them to invest in Uganda.
It is also good to fake enthusiasm for Mbabazi’s candidature and ignore that he is trailing in all political surveys among major social groups and battleground constituencies, and that his favorability continues to drop. If you are Team-Mbabazi just pretend these aren’t bad omens.
Pretend that Mbabazi is sincere in all that he says these days and whenever you watch him on TV applaud him for diverting money meant for Northern Uganda reconstruction to buy a bulletproof car as he enjoyed the paraphernalia of office, and proclaim it didn’t dent his credibility.
Act like it is reasonable for Mbabazi to take extreme positions on all NRM government policies including the Public Order Management Act, he so passionately promoted. I could go on, but you get my point. It must be occurring to some opposition groups and the media how the cumulative effect of all of these preposterous events, scenarios and positions offends common sense.