Response from Hon.Frank Tumwebaze

By Frank Tumwebaze

I have seen and read Hon Amama Mbabazi's letter to HE President Yoweri Museveni. Below is my brief response to some of its contents that I feel deserve a comment or two;

"Yes i have seen the letter. And As said earlier mbabazi is free to vie for any office be it in NRM or elsewhere. But he contradicts himself a great deal on many issues.

For him to lambast other leaders in NRM and call them fortune seeking cadres, is unfortunate on his part. So does he want to say that all the Time he worked the party's  chief mobilizer( party Secretary General) responsible among others for  mentoring and recurring  cadres; he only mentored fortune seekers? If that is what he means, then it means he was the pioneer of  that fortune seeking ideology.  And in any case which cadres did he mentor?

He talks of a tired system and efficiency in government. So what makes the system "tired" and himself who was at the vanguard of steering that system in various roles, "fresh and new"?.  If the system is tired, then he must be exhausted himself. So, is his legacy all about mentoring fortune seeking cadres and creating a tired system? Has he only realized all those alleged defects in the system after his involuntary exist? Am happy he is launching his bid  with such  shaky and contradictory arguments. It gives the NRM members an a opportunity to discern him with ease. I wish him well"