By Frank Tumwebaze

Many reporters called me this morning to give them a comment on the news of the Ugandan opposition and their other Partners forming an alliance against NRM and President for the coming elections. Below is the brief comment I gave out ;
"That's is not new and it can never be a threat to NRM. The fact that an alliance is formed on an adhoc basis only aiming at fighting an individual called President Museveni without any other substantive and principle driven interests for the parties to coalesce on, makes their whole move hollow. They did it last elections with IPC but it even collapsed before the campaigns could end. Elections are not worn by schemes and conspiracies but rather by superior ideas sold in manifestos. Whether an alliance or no alliance, any political group can win power if it addresses what the citizenry wants. The problem with Ugandan opposition as well as those political contenders that fall out with NRM and eventually join them, is that they don't stand for the people's interests. They instead want to use the people to buy into "their own" political outfits mainly for self power ambitions. This is where President Museveni and NRM beat them. Unfortunately for them, they have never realized this. That's why you hear some of them dreaming Of civil Disobedience in uganda. Unlike in those countries where civil disobedience mainly and solely driven by the citizens themselves has caused regime change, the Ugandan situation is diffident. It's the opposition leaders that desperately try to mobilize people to go on the streets without success. Citizen Disobedience is never coached. It becomes instant and is always unstoppable. And it's always as a result of long time peoples anger derived from the conditions they leave in. If their livelihood conditions are unpleasant, automatically the citizens will rebel without being induced or lured by any other external force. So however much the Ugandan opposition and their partners invest in trying to mimic a desperate situation for Ugandans, the reality will always sell them out. That is why besigye and team always procure goons to go on the streets and fail to sustain it . Angry citizens demanding for their rights and livelihood, don't want leadership or money from donors of the God Tumushabes, to come out massively to fight for what they want. So those groups can do whatever they want to get donor money and build mansions as Besigye has always done but should forget their illusions of civil disobedience"