We shall live our Lives even with President Donald Trump

Ofwono Opondo
01, 24, 17 
With Donald John Trump, the new, and 45th president of the United States, our days are here, and each passing day bringing anxieties on what his next ‘big’ announcement and action will be within the US, but also around the world. Within one week in office, he has ditched the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which was President Barak Obama’s signature trade deal. TPP brought together twelve nations including Japan, Canada, Australia and Chile. Trump prefers bilateral trade deals through which the US can bully partners.
If the one week is anything to go by, Trump is set to be a bully president as had been anticipated during his campaigns, and spells grave dangers to the world including starting new wars in an effort to make the US appear great again. He has also invoked the “gag-rule” not to extend US money to funding abortion around the world, and Africa in particular. In Uganda, our, and I hope, it is a majority view, we would be very happy, if Trump closed the taps of those US organisations that fund the promotion and inculcation of homosexuality as a ‘natural’ way of life, and an international human right with the abomination it brings.
As of Thursday, he had signed an executive order, ‘tightening’ border control with Mexico, that he accused during the campaigns, to exporting “really, really bad people.” During that time, Trump said that “Mexico does not export its best. It exports drug smugglers, criminals and rapists,” and pledged to stop them by building a “great, great wall,” which Mexico will pay for. It is interesting that the US, a country of immigrants that helped bring down the Berlin wall, is now constructing a wall of its own to keep out cross-cultural interactions.
Trump has also vowed to renegotiate the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) also aimed at bringing industries and jobs back home, and cutting cheap foreign competitions, yet the US has been preaching free trade as the panacea of global prosperity. 
Trump’s campaign slogan, which was “Make America Great Again,” or MAGA, as the unfriendly US media derisively called it, led him to victory, leaving opponents smutting. The truth is, America, which had for one century been the greatest nation on earth, and particularly since the end of the Cold War, and collapse of the Soviet Union, more known as USSR, has been on a steady decline and stagnation in many respects.
First, the US military and its intelligence apparatus, had recently become ineffective to truly police the world, as ably demonstrated by its ignominious failure to find the much touted weapons of mass destruction (WMD), which was the main reason for invading Iraq. Fourteen years down the road, neither the WMD, nor Saddam Hussein’s link with al Qaeda has been found, as reels in quagmire, as US troops beat a hasty retreat with their heads down, and counting 4597 of its servicemen dead in combat, and about 32,000 injured. As a result of the quagmire in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya where its ambassador Christopher Stevens was killed in putsch they fomented, Obama refused to start any new wars.
The latest evidence of such decline and stagnation was the foul cry during and after the elections by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and president Obama, that the Russians had successfully hacked into US electoral system and helped Trump win. The cry has been an absurdity because there is no other country in the world that meddles so much in the internal affairs of others, including bugging the telephones of the United Nations and its top diplomats, than the US government. And president Trump responded in equal measure, comparing the CIA to Nazi Germany, saying the CIA “was disgraceful, intelligence agencies allowed any information, so false, fake, that Nazi Germany would have done and did.” Trump claims he lost the popular vote because over three million illegal immigrants voted.
While the US is still hanging by a thin thread as the world’s largest economy in terms of GDP, per capita income and assets, China has overtaken it as the leading trading nation, and does not have huge debts with other nation. The US total debt, if its own declarations are to be believed stands at 19.6 trillion dollars, while China is a mere 1.6tn. Trump has threatened to holdback money from NATO if the Europeans can’t pay their fair share for own defence and security. NATO as the US flagship military outfit in Europe, Asia and Middle East has floundered in Iraq, Afghanistan and now beaten in Syria.
The US has dismally failed to effectively control criminal gangs, organised crime and homicides within its territory, with a colossal death toll higher than all its external theatres of war combined of 8,124 in 2014 according to the FBI. The US’s hard and soft power are in decline as demonstrated when the British scorned Obama’s appeal to remain in the EU, while the Commons MPs rejected then candidate, Trump and ridiculed him as “a clown and stupid.” Jack Dromey, Labour shadow home minister said Trump was a “fool but is not free to be a dangerous fool in Britain,” and shouldn’t be allowed within 1000 miles of British shores.