Closing Remarks at Nali Leadership Retreat

The weeklong cabinet, permanent secretaries and NRM Central Executive Committee retreat in Kyankwanzi, has come to an end.

The theme of this retreat was socio-economic transformation. In order to achieve it, we must modernise. Now that Uganda has the basics like peace, electricity, roads, education it is ready to take off to middle income status.

I have warned government officials against delaying projects because these delays frustrate potential investors and deny Ugandans employment opportunities.

When you receive a directive today, you must implement it the next day. Government officials should stop delaying decision-making where the economy is concerned.

To complete socio-economic transformation, agriculture, industries, services and Information Communications Technology (ICT) must be modernized.

The NRM has dealt with the hardware issues but now in order to take off, we need to deal with the software issues. This retreat has recognized what has been achieved and what is needed to take off.

I also caution government officials against engaging in corruption. In this term we are going to fight corruption vigorously.

The media has a role to play in the socio-economic transformation of Uganda, the press must do what they ought to; inform, entertain and educate truthfully.

There's no provision for lies.I appeal to the media to report responsibly about Uganda. When you tell a lie about Uganda, you scare many potential visitors away, mostly those who don't know Uganda well. Therefore you are an enemy of progress.

On police brutality.
We do not support police brutality but we also don't support indiscipline of political actors like Dr Besigye. There are other opposition leaders who are not indisciplined. Besigye doesn't respect the law.

This retreat has been historic. I thank the members for coming and participating in this historic retreat.