Statement To Parliament On The Chronology Of Events At KCCA In Regard To The Impeachment Of The Lord Mayor

Hon members allow me to brief you on the genesis of the petition, setting up of the tribunal and the release of the report including a summary of its findings, the council session of 25th November that impeached the lord mayor and also clarify to you some of the court battles that ensued thereafter.

Below is the chronology of events;


On 17th May 2013, a petition was presented to my office by the Councilors of Kampala Capital city Authority, seeking for the removal of the Lord Mayor on grounds of misconduct, abuse of office and incompetence. Pursuant to Sec. 12(5) of Kampala Capital City Act, 2010, I evaluated the petition in consultation with the Attorney General through letters dated 20th May 2013 and 22nd May 2013 and satisfied myself that there do exist grounds for constituting a tribunal to investigate the allegations. By a letter dated 31st May 2013, I consulted with the Chief Justice on the suitability of the persons proposed to constitute the tribunal. On the 4th June 2013 the Chief Justice gave a no objection to the constitution of the tribunal and the proposed members to sit on it. All this was in fulfillment of the requirements for the process of the removal of The Lord Mayor or Deputy Lord under section 12 of the KCCA act.