“Demand for Accountability from your MPs” - President tells NRM Leaders in Teso

Tuesday, 03rd October 2017
President Yoweri Museveni has urged leaders of all categories in the Teso Sub-Region, to demand for accountability from their Members of Parliament, the utilization of money such as youth and women funds.
The President was speaking in a meeting with leaders from the districts that comprise the Sub-Region – Amuria, Bukedea, Kaberamaido, Katakwi, Kumi, Ngora, Serere and Soroti districts – that took place yesterday at Soroti State Lodge in Soroti Municipality.
“I spent Shs.300 million to buy the youth in Najeera in Wakiso district a bending machine, cutting machine, standby generator, working capital, and created a unit now supporting 17 groups comprised of 30 young people each. If you get that youth money and in one year you help even one group, then you know how much money helped and talk of allocating more money to the Youth Fund, other than travelling abroad. I have shown you the way. Take it to your MPs,” he told Teso leaders.
Mr. Museveni promised the leaders he would soon establish upcountry a similar programme like the one for the youth in Kampala. He, at this juncture, called on radio stations owners throughout the country to offer airtime on their stations to promote government’s development programmes instead of hosting politicians whose intent is to spread lies about government plans and development projects.
“A radio owner should not allow lies to be spread. NRM might have their weaknesses of going to the show but the owners of the radio stations must know that we are here to give correct information,” he said.
He called on Resident District Commissioners (RDCs) to do their job of preventing lies about the proposed Land Amendment Bill. Contrary to the lies propagated by the opposition groups, the President assured the people of Uganda that government is not planning to steal land from wananchi.
“If we don’t work on the major roads, even if you have got cows, coffee, where will they pass? They had told me that people were already biased about the land matters but I decided to come and tell the people. A country that decampaigns government programmes does not have a bright future,” he noted.
He advised leaders to always follow up on the programs of NRM, such as Universal Primary Education (UPE) so that they achieve the intended aims for the benefit of Ugandan citizens.
"For us, we won’t be used for evil. The church must not be used for lies and evil as it is a holy place. NRM is a Party of sacrifices to which you cannot come to with lies,” he said.