“Encourage Wananchi into Commercial Agriculture” – President Tells Serere Leaders

Sunday 01st October 2017
President Yoweri Museveni has appealed to NRM leaders in Serere district, Teso Sub-Region, to encourage people in their constituences to participate in projects that will bring individual wealth to their homesteads, like commercialized agriculture.
"I challenge Adoa and others to have a census of all homesteads in the parishes. Find out how many are involved in commercial farming. We don’t want homesteads that only carry out subsistence farming," he said.
The President was speaking during thanksgiving ceremony organized jointly by Hon. Adoa Hellen, Serere Woman MP and Hon. Okabe Patrick, MP of Serere Constituency, who were celebrating their victory attained in the by-elections.  The thanksgiving ceremony took place this afternoon at Serere district headquarters.
Mr. Museveni congratulated the victorious MPs and the entire district for having been liberated the people there from lies and propaganda spread by the opposition.
"Teso has suffered from 'itapalu' (lies. The opposition in Uganda made it a habit to itapalu the people. When I was coming, Adoa told me the story of how the cattle rustlers from Karamoja took her father's cows. At that time we had to face the ADF from Congo, Kony and the cattle rustlers. The opposition was always supporting the enemy,” he observed.
He reiterated that some members of the opposition tried to sabotage the disarmament, claiming that the Karamajong could not be disarmed before other cattle rustlers in countries like Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia.
"These opposition peoples are ones who harvest where they have not sowed. NRM does the planting, weeding and chasing away birds. When the crop is ready, the opposition is ready with the harvesting knife," he observed.
He told the massive jubilant crowds of Serere district that by electing NRM people, they had put themselves into direct contact with the NRM government.
"You have elected very active people. Okabe was a bishop already and Adoa was an educationist who grew from a very hard life and has made tremendous contribution," he said.
On the allegations that he (President) is trying to steal land from Teso, Mr. Museveni challenged anybody to show him just two acres of land that he had stolen in the last 31years.
He pledged to donate a school bus to Teso Girl's School as a token of appreciation to the district for their tremendous support to NRM. He also promised to render support to the victims whose families had died in the Kony war.
In his remarks, Hon. Okabe Patrick expressed gratitude to NRM for having been instrumental in rallying support for him during the previous elections.
“The opposition in this area was very strong. Both Adoa and myself were taken to court over false allegations but we were able to win by the grace of God,” he remarked.
He commended the President for introducing Operation Wealth Creation projects that have gradually enabled people to get out of poverty.
Bishop Okabe donated an ambulance to the people of Serere to help sick and pregnant women travel faster to the health centres. He also gave 29 bicycles and 5 motorcycles to Parish Chairpersons to enable them travel faster to render services to wananchi.
On her part, Hon. Adoa Hellen thanked President Museveni and the NRM Government for the establishment of peace in the country.
"When Kony came, the Army came and protected us. That is all we needed, peace," she said.
She called on all leaders to follow up on the pledges of government and also push for government projects. She also advised members from the opposition to work with the leaders in the area in order to support the people.
Hon. Adoa presented five motorcycles as a thanksgiving gift to the representatives of the Church of Uganda.