“Stop Believing Opposition Lies on Land Matters” – President Advises Karamoja

Friday 06th October 2017
President Yoweri Museveni has strongly advised the people of Karamoja Sub-Region and all Ugandans in general to guard being duped into the lies peddled by the opposition who allege that the Government wants to grab people’s land.

The President was last evening featuring on Moroto Municipality-based Nenah FM radio station to explain to the people of Karamoja Sub-Region the proposed Land Amendment Bill. He advised the people of the area that they should stop believing the lies that government wants to grab their land.

“They lied to you that if you hand in your guns to the government, the Turkana, Topotha, will harm you. But now from what I see, the place is very peaceful and developing,” he said.

Reiterating that the Government will not compensate middlemen, the President said that it will work directly with the affected people adding that those who are not comfortable with the financial compensation offered, can go to Court or to the Land Tribunal.

Mr. Museveni castigated greedy people who seek to exorbitant amounts of money from Government and is tantamount to cheating the Government. He noted that funds meant for developing infrastructure, such as roads, would instead have to be spent on the greedy individuals as compensation adding that this constitutes cheating the government.
If you are going to squander money for no reason, how will we do these roads? We should not cheat you and you should not cheat us. We have done Nakapiripirit – Moroto road and we are now doing Soroti – Moroto road,” he explained.

Turning to the issue of improving household income in Karamoja Sub-Region, President Museveni advised the people of the area to embrace modern methods of cattle keeping such as paddocking their farms and also to refrain from bush burning.

"According to the old science of the Karimojong and the Banyankole, they believed that in burning the old grass, you would make new good grass grow for cattle. After my A-Level, I carried out a campaign to stop this bush burning because I had learnt that in Europe, half of the year, the land was under smog yet their cows produced over 40 litres of milk per day when they were feeding on dry grass called hay.  When you keep the old grass, it does not prevent the new one from growing. Instead you can cut it and store it to feed your cattle," he explained.

Mr. Museveni encouraged the people of Karamoja to think of alternative crops to cultivation such as oranges and other fruits to boost their wealth and house hold income on top of cattle keeping. He also advised the youth to stop taking alcohol so that they able to lead strong and healthy life.

"I am 73 years. I am still very strong and have been able to do so because I don't take alcohol," he said.