“Vote for NRM flag Bearer” – President Urges Sheema District Youths

Wednesday 25th July 2018,
President Yoweri Museveni has called on the youths from Sheema District in Ankole Sub-Region to vote for the NRM flag bearer, Dr. Elioda Tumwesigye, in the Municipal elections slated for Friday 27th July 2018. Sheema Municipality is one of the newly created Municipals that are preparing for elections of MPs and Councilors in some areas of the country.
The President was addressing 50 youths from Sheema District last evening that called on him at State House, Entebbe, who were led by Kennie Musimenta.
“I urge you to vote for the NRM flag bearer, Elioda Tumwesigye who has got the capacity to deliver services to wananchi. By voting in an NRM member, you will have eased the task of securing essential services for your area. In the 1960s, we observed that the leaders worked along sectarian lines which were destructive and compromised development. These leaders shifted our people from politics of interest to politics of identity. Their stand laid the foundation that bred Uganda into paralysis because ideological problems of the 1960s caused a political crisis,” he said.
Mr. Museveni emphasized to the Sheema Youth delegation that for society to progress there must be a good ideology adding that what matters is interest and not identity. He said that the youth are instrumental in the promotion of discipline in society. He tasked the delegation to be role models with regard to commercial farming. He informed them that 68% of Ugandans are still wallowing in subsistence farming adding that the way out of that challenge is for wananchi to work and embrace commercial agriculture. He, however, cautioned them over the risks of taking on commercial agriculture without taking into consideration proper calculations.
The President urged leaders to sensitize the people over the methods of household income generation saying that a family would be assured of Shs.100 million per annum if the 4-acre production model is well practiced. He expressed conviction that the Sheema youth are capable of transforming their families economically. He extended an invitation to them to visit Kiruhuura District and witness the transformation people there have realized. ENDS