Headcount Press Release


For Eight years (since 2007) government has been implementing Universal Post Primary Education and Training (UPPET) with an objective of increasing access to quality secondary education. To further this, in 2011, government undertook to implement the Universal Post O’Level Education and Training (UPOLET) as a strategic intervention aimed at increasing access at Post S.4 education level in order to consolidate the gains and successes so far registered under UPE and USE programmes. The two programmes have greatly transformed education and skills development in the country through; expanding access and improving  attendance for secondary and Business, Technical &Vocational Education Training (BTVET)education; adding value to the sustainability of UPE; developing competencies that provide access to the global economy and the potential it offers for national development; reducing high cost of education; increasing equitable access to secondary education and BTVET for special groups and ensuring the achievement of the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) number 3 of Gender parity by 2015.

Annually, the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Sports conducts the Headcount of the USE/UPPET/UPOLET. It is an implementation strategy adopted at the inception of the USE programme in 2007 intended to ensure that only those beneficiaries targeted by the two complimentary programmes of USE/UPPET/UPOLET are enrolled. It is a monitoring tool for the successful implementation of the two programmes whose main aim is to ensure that only the target beneficiaries are served.

In line with this, the Ministry of Education and Sports together with the Local Governments has planned to conduct the 2015 National Headcount exercise on the Tuesday 14th July 2015. It will be a one day exercise targeted at all schools and institutions participating in the USE/UPPET/UPOLET programme (including Public Private Partnership schools and institutions). It will start at 8:00AM and end at 5:00PM. The enumerators for the exercise will be the Senior Assistant Secretaries commonly referred to as Gombolola (Sub County)Chiefs.

The targeted schools/institutions are 1,942 countrywide and are categorized as detailed in the table  below.
Category    Total Number of Institutions
USE      These are Secondary schools with only P7 enrolling eligible students                            862
UPOLET     These are Secondary schools with both P7 and O’Level enrolling eligible students                            961
BTVET_UPPET     These are BTVET Technical schools with only P7 enrolling eligible students                              56
BTVET_UPOLET     These are BTVET Technical institutes  with only O’Level enrolling or it’s equivalent eligible  students)                              55
HEALTH_UPOLET    These are Health institutions with only O’Level enrolling or its equivalent eligible students                                 8