Industrialization Is Key to Socio-Economic Transformation

Press Release


July 28, 2016
This afternoon President Yoweri Museveni presented a paper on ‘Fast Tracking the Industrialization and socio-economic transformation of Uganda’ under which he emphasized the need to interlink sectors in order to reduce on costs of production and enhance effectiveness.
“As you remember industrialization was point five of our Ten Point Program in which we pointed out that economy must be integrated and that agriculture must be linked to industry by providing raw materials,” he said.
The president pointed out the need for sectors to interlink for efficiency and proper coordination of the industrialization process. He said industry need to be linked to agriculture, fishing, roads, electricity, forests, minerals, intellectual potential and petroleum because all these support each other.
Government will undertake these measures to ensure industrialization is fast tracked; consolidating what has been done right, ensuring labour is not overpriced, sorting out the problem of overpriced money (high interest rates), building the 22 industrial parks, doing away with incoherent tax policies, banishing corruption, prompt decision making, skilling and disciplining the work force, modernizing agriculture, developing the mining sector, protecting, replanting and expanding forest resources, stopping overfishing in lakes, protecting the sugar and milk industries from exploitation and strict disease control in crops and animals to enhance agro-processing.
Earlier on, Hon. Frank Tumwebaze the Minister of Information, ICT and Communications during his presentation on ‘Effective communication strategy: the challenges and opportunities for e-governance amidst the social invasion’ appealed to ministers to regularly communicate government programs so that there is no information gap. He also challenged them to join and make use of social media where feedback is given in real time.
“I appeal to you colleagues to avail yourselves to explain Government programs in your ministries and to also join social media to engage the vibrant Ugandans looking for answers,” said Tumwebaze.

Ofwono Opondo
Executive Director