President Hails FRONASA on National Liberation

Wednesday, 4th January 2017
President Yoweri Museveni has greatly lauded the outstanding contribution of members of the Front for National Salvation (FRONASA) in fighting against the Amin dictatorship as well as for laying a firm foundation on which future liberation struggles in Uganda, such as the National Resistance Army (NRA/Movement) were built.
Addressing hundreds of FRONASA veterans and other residents at Kikagati Primary School in Kikagati Sub-County, Isingiro South Constituency in Isingiro district yesterday afternoon, the President highly credited FRONASA combatants for fighting and overthrowing the Amin dictatorship. He said that the FRONASA combatants’ fight helped in laying the foundation for the 5-year National Resistance Army/National Resistance Movement liberation struggle that mothered the current Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) that has brought about peace, security, sanity and pacified Uganda for the first time in 500 years.
“We arrived here in December of 1978 and recruited about 200 combatants that joined the struggle and became our base against Amin and by the time we overthrew Amin in April 1979, we had a force of 9,000 soldiers,” he said.
“This foundation was so firm that today Uganda is safe and no one can destabilize us and people need to know that peace and security are prerequisite for development to take place,” he added.  
Addressing himself on the long drawn out drought and the resultant famine that has ravaged Isingiro district, President Museveni attributed it to the change in weather patterns due to the degradation of the environment by the population especially through their encroachment on wetlands, farming and settling in forestry reserves, river banks and lake shores. He added that such activities led to interference with the natural ecological system thus affecting the country’s rain pattern.
The President, therefore, advised Ugandans who have encroached and settled in those and important players in our climate pattern i.e. the swamps, wetlands, forest reserves, riverbanks and lakeshores, to vacate them peacefully. He gave assurances that government will do all it can to re-settle them.
President Museveni, however, said that government has finalised the process of providing piped water from River Kagera to Isingiro district. He further revealed that government will make good use of the many raised hills in Isingiro district and develop an irrigation scheme in the district to enable farmers produce without relying on natural rains. He encouraged those with some income to procure solar operated irrigation pumps that will enable them irrigate their farms and produce all year round.
President Museveni also advised the residents of Isingiro district to endeavour to produce enough food to eat, sell some and save money that they can use to buy food in case of long dry seasons> He encouraged them to adopt the growing of famine prevention crops that are drought resistant such as cassava, millet and Irish potatoes.
He pledged to help families that have used their gardens as security to get food during this famine period by paying off the one who supplied them with food. He also promised to solve the long-standing boundary dispute between the refugee resettlement schemes and the wananchi.
On unemployment, the President advised the youth to engage in modern agriculture or form SACCOs to take advantage of the many government programmes such as the Youth Fund, Innovation Fund, micro-finance scheme and many others. He informed them that employment opportunities in government are few and limited.
Mr. Museveni thanked the people of Isingiro district in particular and Uganda in general for voting the National Resistance Movement back to leadership in the 2016 General Elections adding that their action was not only wise but also justifiable.
“I thank you for voting wisely and for voting for the Movement. You did this for the good of your country,” he said.
“Uganda (and even some other African countries) had become unmanageable but when the Movement came, we stabilised Uganda and the entire country is peaceful. I want to thank you for giving NRM a new mandate to lead the country and cement the gains realised this time using your ballots not bullets right from 1996. You the people of Uganda are the strength of the Movement,” the President said.