President Museveni Instructs ISO and PS's Spearhead the Fight Against Corruption

Press Release

July 29, 16

President YoweriMuseveni has directed ISO (Internal Security Organisation) and Accounting Officers to spearhead the fight against corruption.
Reacting to the submission of the Inspector General of Government, Justice Irene Mulyagonja the president said, “ISO and Permanent Secretaries and other accounting officers at district level are the ones who should help us fight corruption because they have a countrywide network.”
The president also advised that contractors who do shoddy work should not only be blacklisted but also be made to pay back government money so that it is given to another contractor to do the work.
“When the contractor breaches a contract by doing shoddy work, how many of you Permanent Secretaries see to it that the contractor pays back government money on top of losing the contract? Why do you use a soft stick when you have a hard one?” questioned the president.
In her presentation at NALI the IGG, Justice Irene Mulyagonjacalledfor a strong anti-corruption tone from the top most offices in the land to support the work of anti-corruption actors.
She said, “Whenpublic officersareimplicated in corruption theyaresimplymoved to otheroffices.Ifwearegoingtokeepthe badapples in public service, how are wegoingtoclean out corruption? We need a strong anti-corruption tone from the top most offices of the land.”
The IGG decried a small training budget for recruitment and training of investigators yet there are no investigation colleges in Uganda.
“There are no training institutes for investigators yet the IG is allocated a very small training budget. There is need for advanced training for investigators to deal with the very intelligent, knowledgeable and powerful suspects.”
She pointed out that most government money is lost at the procurement level and the IG’s priority is to prevent loss of government money.
Justice Mulyagonya also said that Internal Auditors should be empowered to do their work without the interference of accountants.
The IGG gave examples of infrastructure projects that were adequately funded but were partially implemented by the end of the project period. The contractor of the road in Mbale Municipality abandoned work before the end of the contract, works on roads in Mbarara, Kabale and Fort Portal Municipalities were delayed, work on Loro SS in Oyam,Opit SS in Gulu,AcholiPii SS Pader,Atanga SS, Pader and Apala SS in Alebtong was incomplete despite the money released.
The IGG recommends the strengthening of the three pronged strategy of deterrence, prevention and education which has been found effective in fight corruption even in the poorest of countries.
The Ministers suggested that Permanent Secretaries should not be involved in the appointment of the contracts committee for transparency.
The State House Comptroller Mrs.LucyNakyobeMbonye explained that a PS only appoints the Contracts Committee which works independently to appoint the valuation committee but the President insisted that there is no way a PS can escape accounting for shoddy work under their jurisdiction.

Executive Director