President Museveni Receives Sudan’s Foreign Minister

Friday 13th July 2018
President Yoweri Museveni has received the Sudanese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Al Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed, with whom he discussed the progress report on the negotiations and peace process in neighbouring South Sudan.
During the meeting that took place this afternoon at the President’s Kisozi farm in Gomba District, the President emphasized that the negotiations between the political groups in South Sudan, should aim at creating a platform for the formation of a new government structure. He cautioned the South Sudanese groups to desist from politics of sectarianism.
The Sudanese Foreign Affairs Minister told President that the critical factors so far discussed by the South Sudanese groups since the Tripartite Summit of the Presidents of Uganda, Sudan and South Sudan at State House, Entebbe a week ago, have resulted in the resolution by groups to observe a ceasefire, working towards formation of an accommodative national assembly and moving towards military unification, among others. He also revealed that the issue of elections is yet to be tackled by the groups at a later stage. ENDS