President Museveni Says 6bn ‘Handshake’ Was Deliberate

Tuesday, January 17, 2017
President Yoweri Museveni has today revealed to the NRM Caucus that the 6 billion that was given to a group of lawyers after winning the oil case against Heritage was deliberate and he is proud of the group who according to him fully deserved their reward.
“I reject that I did anything wrong, I am very proud of these young people,” he said.
He went ahead to inform the caucus that the case was no ordinary case, it was an international war which the lawyers and the tax ladies ( Allen Kagina and Akol Doris) won amidst the pressure, challenges and the temptations that they faced.
He also reiterated that during the ongoing court procession of the case, he was approached by many people who told him to settle outside court because Uganda was likely to lose a lot of money, but had been strengthened by this group of young people who assured him that they were going to win the case. It was through this background that the president decided to thank them.
“If the support staff were part of the big war that saved Uganda trillions and gained 451 million US dollars, if they get 50 million Ugandan shillings for their first time in life, it is okay. It was their luck that they were part of the war,” remarked Mr. Museveni.
He further told the caucus that in the last 30 years, he has only given the ‘handshake’ twice, the first that occurred in 2006 when he was very happy with a group of scientists who had discovered oil and rewarded them publicly in Kololo with the highest being given about 20,000 US dollars, and the second one, being the recent one.
He however said that the only thing that could have gone wrong was to infiltrate names of people on the list who were not involved on the case behind his back and that if this was the case, it needed investigation. He also noted that there had been a misrepresentation of the whole matter because as far as he knew, when the taxes where deducted from the 6bn, 3.5bn was left to be shared amongst the group.
His Excellency went on to explain that the rest of the money that was gotten from the oil case was what was used to partly pay the 15% that helped with the starting of Karuma and Isimba dam projects.
He castigated the members of Parliament for insulting good people and argued them to find respectable and amicable ways of dealing with the rising issues in the country.