President Pays Tribute to Late Dr. Abel Rwendeire

Saturday, 07th October 2017
President Yoweri Museveni has paid tribute to the late Dr. Abel Rwendeire and described him as a very useful scientist who had the knowledge of science that could modernise our country.
He said the reason he had appointed him Chairman of the Visitation Committee of Makerere University was to lead the reforms in Uganda’s education system.
The President visited the family members of the late Rwendeire this morning at their home in Kyaliwajjala - Namugongo in Wakiso district. Dr. Abel Rwendeire died last Thursday 5th October 2017 at Nakasero Hospital of a heart attack.
The President noted that many people are trained in Universities but do not get jobs after coming out not because there are no jobs but because they are not trained for the jobs available on the market.
“When I saw the deficiency in the education system, I decided to constitute a committee of inquiry so as to see how the education system can be re- oriented and made useful for the country in general and for the individual beneficiaries,” he said.
The President told family members and mourners that the visitation report compiled by Dr. Rwendeire and the committee will be historical.
“Although your father has gone, the visitation report will be historical and a cornerstone for the re-orientation of the education system in Uganda,” he revealed.
Mr. Museveni disclosed that he was supposed to meet the Makerere University visitation committee chaired by Dr. Rwendeire next week on Tuesday to present the report. He added that the family, relatives and all mourners in the country have been afflicted by Dr. Rwendeire’s sudden death when he has not known to be sick.