President Urges Leaders to Diagnose People’s Challenges

Monday, 2nd June 2014

President Yoweri Museveni has said that leaders should work as doctors of the people that they lead, study the challenges wananchi face and quickly work towards finding lasting solutions to those particular challenges so that leaders become agents of social transformation of their areas.

Speaking as chief guest at celebrations to mark this year’s women’s day for Gomba district at Kabulasoke CORE Primary Teachers’ College in Kabulasoke Town Council yesterday, the President noted that as a national leader he had discovered that the main problem of the Ugandan population was household poverty that is caused by lack of income generation activities at household level.

He further told the people that after touring the entire country, he discovered that though the majority of Ugandans were in the agricultural sector they nevertheless faced food insecurity, lacked income and had fragmented their land due to backward inheritance rights.
Mr. Museveni noted that this was the reason the National Resistance Movement Government resolved to initiate several programmes targeting the grass-roots wananchi and specifically in the agricultural sector. He, however, expressed concern that those programmes have been largely abused by technocrats that are supposed to implement them.

The President cited the National Agricultural Advisory Services Programme that was meant to educate Ugandans on making good use of small pieces of land in a commercial and profit oriented manner to get rid of poverty. He also said that under NAADS people were supposed to get farm tools and inputs but this was not realized because of the gross abuse committed by NAADS officials.

“Just imagine a small district like Gomba receiving over Shs.700 million annually but you can’t see its impact”, he said.
Mr. Museveni pledged to restructure the NAADS programme adding that emphasis would be put on availing farmers with seeds, breeding stock, farm inputs and value addition. He reminded the people about the four acres model farming that should emphasize high yielding and profit oriented farming of coffee, fruits, zero grazing, poultry, piggery, apiary as well as the growing of matoke for home consumption as some of the activities that should be undertaken.

During the celebrations, the President who is also the National Chairman of NRM Party received several youth and youth leaders who crossed from the opposition FDC and DP Parties to NRM.

Mr. Museveni also handed over a new ambulance to Gomba district administration that was donated to him by Gladys and Sylvia Nayebare sisters of Gomba district. He also handed over farm tools, inputs and breeding stock to several women groups.