President urges Youth to use Numbers to cause Proper Budgeting

Saturday, 12th August 2017
President YoweriMuseveni has called upon the youth to pick interest in the issue of budgeting and use their numbers to cause proper budgeting.
"The NRM has managed to cause minimum recovery of the economy and it is now growing. However, there is a problem of budgeting as there are so many groups that insist on spending more on consumption," he said.
The President said that although the NRM government has caused minimum recovery bad political pressures, such as demand for new districts, have stalled development goals.He said that by budgeting correctly, the NRM government has brought about peace, developed infrastructure like roads and electricity adding that we cannot develop without infrastructure.He, therefore, called for more budgeting for irrigation and wealth creation.
"Government is spending Shs.4000 billion on roads,Shs.3000 billion on electricity but there is need to focus on budgeting for irrigation and wealth creation so that there is food security and employment opportunities for the youth," he said.
President Museveni was today speaking at the International Youth Day celebrations held at Bubukwanga Primary School playgrounds in Rwamba County, Bundibugyo district in Western Uganda.The Day is a global annual event celebrated to recognize efforts of the government in enhancing global response to young people's needs.
This year's theme "Youth Building Peace" is dedicated to celebrating young people's contributions to conflict prevention and transformation as well as inclusion, social justice and sustainable peace.The theme also recognizes that the youth are often times used as agents of unrest by political leaders for selfish gains and therefore government has a duty to raise awareness about the situation of the young people as well as the role of youth-led organizations in addressing issues of youth peace building and security in Uganda.
The President called upon the youth movement to champion protection of the environment. He assured Ugandans of the government's readiness and ability to protect them against any insecurity.
"Nobody will disturb our peace. If you are tired of this world, you try to disturb our peace. Across the border in Congo, all sorts of things are going on but cannot cross over here," he said.
Gender, Labour and Social Development Minister, Hon. JanatMukwaya, called for increased funding to enable her Ministry do more about government pledges on youth livelihood.
Lillian Aber The Chairperson of the National Youth League, LilianAber, said the youth are the background of peace building and are prepared to fight to continue the peace in the country.
The United Nations Resident Coordinator, Rosa Malango, said the UN is committed to working with and for development of the youth bytackling unemployment, good citizenship and accessing education and health, notingthat the world cannot get sustainable development without involving the youth.