Uganda to Build a Specialized Hospital in Kampala

Saturday, 14th May 2016

The Government of Uganda, in collaboration with global banking institutions, have committed themselves to the construction of a fully-fledged medical facility – the International Specialized Hospital, Kampala to be sited at Lubowa near the City of Kampala.
The hospital will be furnished with specialized medical equipment to handle complicated health issues ranging from human organs transplantation, neuro and heart surgery and cancer treatment, among others.
The project’s operationalization was reached at this week at State House, Entebbe during a meeting between President Yoweri Museveni and a delegation of Global Banking Institutions’ Executives, led by Deutsche Bank Managing Director, Mr. Raymond O’Leary and Finasi ROKO Chairperson, Ms. Enrica Pinetti.
President Museveni observed that the establishment of such a specialized hospital in the country will cut unnecessary costs of US$186 million dollars annually that Ugandans incur to travel to China and India to access medical treatment of complicated sicknesses.
“Financial hemorrhage of US$186 million dollars for treatment abroad every year from Ugandans is a free donation equivalent to 90 percent loss, which should be eliminated,” he said.
The President further observed that apart from serving Ugandans, that localized medical facility will also serve the people in the region up to DR Congo and beyond.
The meeting also recognized that the facility will play a major role in attracting skilled medical personnel for employment without them seeking alternative jobs abroad.
The President informed the investors of the need to exploit other ‘profit studied’ investments in the country. He emphasized the agro-processing sector such as coffee and fish processing, infrastructure and hydropower generation. ENDS