President Discusses Investment ventures with Swedish Investors

Sunday, 26th November 2017
President Yoweri Museven has held a meeting with Swedish investors in State House, Entebbe and discussed with the group various interlinked investment ventures in Uganda that are related to energy, transport, infrastructure, piped water supply and agro-processing, among others.
The investors who were accompanied by the Swedish Ambassador to Uganda, Mr. Per Lindgarde and Ugandan Ambassador to the Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland) comprised Mr. Christian Persson who is the Scania Project Sales Manager, Project Manager of Poshtel-Popup Company, Mr. Kristoffer Blom, among others.
President Museveni welcomed them to Uganda and advised that the Swedish investors should focus more on integrated investment links between Uganda and Sweden, especially in agro business.
He informed them that Uganda being the second largest producer of bananas after India, wants to have her bananas resource to be exploited fully.
“Bananas contain good food nutrients and health products especially for the muscles of the heart. Bananas are also rich in starch, potassium. We should, therefore, team up to globalise our food-medicine knowledge,” he stressed.
He informed the visiting Swedish group of investors that Africa has a big and growing market after India, China and the United States of America that should be tapped into adding that Uganda alone has big opportunities and the potential for integrated agro business.
President Museveni also told Ugandan officials that the Swedish companies should connect with the responsible institutions in the country such as Makerere University’s Faculty of Food Science and Technology, among others, and bridge the funding gap by integration of theory and practice between Uganda and the concerned countries.