EU Charlatan Envoys, Opposition Quislings and the art of Political Hypocrisy

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Last week the corterie of all-knowing and ever self-serving envoys from the European Union ( EU) delegation in Uganda trouped to the parliament conference hall for what was supposededly a 'closed ' meeting with  the Leader of Opposition in Parliament (LoP) Mathias Mpuuga and his quisling shadow cabinet.

Closed door would presuppose that it was also confidential so that the parties involved could be candiid with each well-knowing that the details won't be publicly known, and no one was to be quoted directly and verbatim even in the event that there was a loose tongue. 

But it now turns out, although not entirely unexpected that as usual the meeting was mainly to chastise President Yoweri Museveni and his government over myriad of issues including the trajectory of Uganda's democracy, rule of law, human rights, and governance among other things the Europeans deem themselves experts at. In rather a cruel twist of poetic justice, the salacious details of the "behind closed door meeting" has now been poured on to the streets and media" leaving the charlatan diplomats with egg on the face. We have now confirmed how and which daggers they hold.

 Although they give lip service to freedom of speech, expression and media, they are reported to be disappointed, annoyed and even demanded that LoP prevails over angry opposition legions who accuse the EU of being 'friends of dictator' Museveni'. In effect they tried to wash themselves clean believing that their association with President Museveni is a stain although we all know how they publicly praise him usually for self acclamation.

As charlans, passing for diplomats, the EU group appear to want to have their cake and eat at same time by being nice although untruthful to the opposition sometimes false accusations and red herrings against government. Quite often these accusations are deliberately made out contest to gainl traction in the media and diplomatic circles because almost all the alleged cases of disappearances are of people properly charged in legitimate courts of law with various criminal offences yet being presented as if their whereabouts are unknown. The continuous use of terms like witch-hunt, political prisoners, abduction, inceration, drone, strong man, and one-man rule are all conjured to portry Uganda as a failed state devoid of civilised common rules where President Museveni behaves as he pleases and that should justify any means being hatched to remove him.

It's necessary to restate that EU delegation deliberately refused to participate in the January elections although it applied for and was granted an observer status falsely believing that its approval was a requirement for legitimacy especially if President Museveni won. The EU has failed to come to terms with the fact that its illegal efforts at regime change failed and continues with underground handiwork through funding civil society and non-governmental organizations under the multiple projects in the futile hope that Uganda is such a banana garden where no one is capable of seeing behind the screen. EU diplomats continue to hold Uganda government and leaders in such contempt although as charlans they are unable to make a public stand preferring to swing tails, the reason they chorus some really absurd lamentations like life presidency from opposition groups that have so far failed to defeat Museveni in elections.

There is no prize for debating whether or not the EU funds opposition political groups in Uganda, Africa and other regions, because after all, we don't expect them to admit particularly when their projects haven't succeeded. However it suffices to note that active meddling is the established norm rather than exception as Cuba, Afghanistan, Syria, Venezuela, and Belarus currently testify. All past dictators who were invariably corrupt stayed in power with support from EU countries and stashed looted money and wealth in Europe not anywhere else. In Venezuela the EU has followed the US to install an opposition figure as president even though he has never run for election to be president there. The EU isn't embarrassed in its undisguised bellicosity against a powerful Russia that saved Europeans from Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. Only this week the Turkish government admonished EU ambassadors for meddling in a legal matter before court involving an opposition politician there.

EU ambassadors and their respective governments back home, whose descendants traded in slaves, subjugated and exploited Africans through direct colonialism should be the last to lecture anyone on democracy, economic development and prosperity. The last two centuries of Africa's interaction with Europe provides sufficient evidence that Europeans have been up to no genuine good except when it serves them.

Any African group especially the opposition that seek to replace current governments ought to always bear this fact at back of their dealings. The most recent example of Libya and Afghanistan where the US and Europeans instigated regime changes but fled when matters became hot should be ample illustration. Africans should trust Europeans at our peril.