“NRM’s aim is Share with you how we can Improve our Lives – President Museveni.

Friday, May 31, 2019

President Yoweri Museveni has said that the NRM’s aim is to share with Wananchi how we can improve our lives. He made the remarks today during a rally that he addressed at Orom Primary school in Orom Sub County, Cwa County in Kitgum District. Shortly after arriving in the area, he launched a piped water supply for Orom Town Council.

He said “Embark on commercial farming. This also results into food security particularly when you grow items such as beans and cassava. In modern lives, all the needs have to be addressed by using money. All the people should stop farming for the stomach only.” He advised the gathering to embrace the 4 acres farming program that does not only ensure income but also food security at the household level.

President Museveni thanked them for voting overwhelmingly for NRM and for himself. He briefed them on the work he did in the 1960s in Ankole sub region where he led the people in efforts to eradicate poverty through modern farming methods. He observed that Uganda is a very rich country, adding that the problem we had was that of a few educated people. He observed that many of the educated ones knew what to do. He said that they were able to lead good lives. He noted that the villagers who were rich did not know what to do. He said that the people have recorded good results through improved milk production in the sub region.

He said that the biggest problem was that of doing subsistence farming. He said that NRM is a party of knowledge. He reminded them to engage in the production of food items, fruits and pasture for improved breeds of dairy cows. He said that they stand good opportunities in the rearing of fish for the people living near swamps. 

President Museveni paid tribute to a prominent farmer, Mzee Achuru who has performed well by growing 700 orange trees. He observed that through good farming practice, the elder has the privilege of earning Ush 12 million per annum per acre of oranges. He pledged a donation of a pick up to him so that it may ease transport for his produce to be taken to Soroti where they have to be processed from. He said that if fruit production is increased to commercial scale in the area, the NRM Government would work to also provide them with a processing plant as it did in Soroti District. 

He commended the officers of Operation Wealth creation in the area for having worked well with him towards enhancing household incomes. He promised to assist the people in addressing the challenge of famine in the area. This followed remarks that it was caused by drought. He said that the Government would work on irrigation in Kitgum District in order to ensure better harvests. He advised the farmers to utilise the irrigation systems that can be powered by solar energy.

President Museveni said that Government would build the Kitgum – Kidepo road. He was pleased to note that it has provided a total of 101 primary schools in the district. He added that all the 64 parishes in the area have got Government primary schools. He added that Government has provided 10 Secondary Schools in Kitgum. 

He pledged to work on the request to curve Cwa District out of Kitgum District.

The Minister of the Presidency, Esther Mbayo saluted President Museveni for defeating Kony and for bringing peace in Uganda. She also thanked him for sparing time to meet Wananchi and know their challenges.

He Minister of State for International Relations Okello Oryem revealed that Orom is the sub county that gave president Museveni and NRM the biggest support in Acoli sub region during the last elections. He saluted the President for the development that he has facilitated in the country. He disclosed that there is a problem of hunger in the area. 

The Kitgum District woman MP Margaret Lamwaka saluted President Museveni for visiting Orom Sub County. She observed that there was need to put emphasis in empowering the people. ENDS