Be Accountable to Public, Museveni tells National COVID Fund Team

Thursday, May 28, 2020

STATE HOUSE, ENTEBBE: Donations collected from the public to help in the Covid-19 fight must be used for visible and durable undertakings, President Museveni has advised. 

The President gave the counsel today (Thursday) as he met members of the National Response to COVID-19 Fund at State House Entebbe. The team comprising of 17 members is led Mr. Emmanuel Katongole the chairman of the Uganda National Oil Company and General Duties Minister Mary Karooro Okurut the political head, was presenting an interim report to the President. 

"The Baganda say 'Amaaso go'muganda gali mu ngaalo.' You must do what is seen and it should be durable. When you do what cannot be seen, it will spoil your image," said the President. 

President Museveni said if this was done, it would increase public trust in the team and see more donations made to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Thanking the population for its generosity, President Museveni said similar support had been shown by the masses during the NRM/A Liberation Struggle when they supplied the fighters with food and other necessities that sustained them during the war. 

"Sacrifice is the second nature of Ugandans. The challenge is the political class that interferes with the patriotism of the people. For example, the market women have been sleeping in the markets for two months. There is nothing Ugandans cannot do if they trust you. We should take advantage of their patriotism and enthusiasm," he said. 

The President backed the committee's proposal that funds collected be used to buy cars to support the heath sector and build eight border camps for truck drivers with residential testing facilities. 

 "I like the vehicles because the people can see them and these same vehicles will stay for years. The border camps are even better because they are here to stay," he said. 

Hon Karooro said whereas the taskforce has set a Shs170 billion target, it had by May 24th raised Shs30 billion in cash and kind. Real cash is Shs16.5 billion while items in kind are valued at Shs13.6 billion. These include 65 cars, assorted food supplies and medical items.

Mr. Katongole thanked President Museveni for his personal monthly contribution to the fund which he committed for a period of six months and called upon people in the private and public sector to continue donating to the COVID fund.