Brig. General Henry Matsiko Revives Ugandan Troops

Monday, March 9, 2020



The Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces’ 

(UPDF) Chief Political Commissar (CPC), Brig Gen Henry Masiko has visited Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) of Barawe and Ceeljaale 

respectively, in Somalia. 


The aim of the visit was to revive the ideological orientation of the Ugandan troops serving under African Union Mission in Somalia 

(AMISOM), as they execute their mandate in the trouble spot.


While addressing soldiers in Barawe where Uganda’s Battle Group Twenty-Nine (BG XXIX) headquarter is located, Brig Masiko reminded 

the soldiers of the moral values of Ugandan army. “UPDF has won wars because we’re a pro-people and 

disciplined force. We’re known for our integrity and discipline,” we respect the civilians and show that this uniform is a 

uniform of honour.” 

The General advised.


He called upon the soldiers to apply the UPDF home tradition and doctrine in order to have a successful mission. He said that Uganda has 

the right to be an exporter of peace because its security has greatly improved and that the momentum of infrastructural development is high.


Col Edward Kaddu the BG XXIX Commander thanked the CPC for the visit and pledged continued cooperation with civilians to maintain 

UPDF’s doctrine as well as the prevailing peace and stability in Barawe.


In the Generals interaction with soldiers in Ceeljaale, the CPC updated the troops on affairs back home in Uganda and implored them to maintain esprit de corps even 

when far from home, for a successful mission.

Col Wilberforce Sserunkuuma the BG XXVIII Commander appreciated the General's visit at the Battle Group headquarter as well as wished him 

and his team a safe flight back to the base camp in Mogadishu. The Chief Political Commissar was accompanied by: The Director of 

Political Education (DOPE) Land Force Lt Col Anatoli Nuwagira, 

Ugandan Contingent Political Commissar Maj Robert Byebirooha, 

Ugandan Contingent Public Information Officer Capt Paul Kahuma 

Bbala among others.