Green Monkey cells to boost vaccine Production

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Africa’s pathogenic economy exploited by others for economic opportunities – President Museveni

MATUGA, WAKISO DISTRICT: President Yoweri Museveni has said Africa’s pathogenic economy, which offers huge economic opportunities, is being taken advantage off by others and Africa is totally absent.

“I have been telling you, about what Magoola and Musebero are calling the pathogenic economy. The economy of diseases, germs protozoa etc all those health problems to us are also economic opportunities being taken advantage of by others. Africans are totally absent. That is why we have a shortage of vaccines in the whole of Africa,” he said. 

Museveni however said our scientists are working on another type of vaccine at the virus centre after they succeeded in getting the green monkey cells that are key for virus multiplication in vaccine production.

The President who was accompanied by Kenya’s Vice President Williams Ruto was today laying a foundation stone for the multibillion Biological Drugs and mRNA Vaccine Manufacturing Facility at Matuga-Wakiso District. The ceremony was held under the theme,"Making Africa self sustaining in Health Care, a giant leap’.

“One of the things they were looking for was the green monkey cells which can grow well for the virus like corona. My people have been looking for them but they were nowhere even in South Africa, Morocco, Egypt nothing. They had to go somewhere. Other people taken them and multiplied them. We have them now. It is going to be the first time these cells are being used in a laboratory in Africa to multiply the virus for the vaccines. This shows you how Africa is sleeping. Africa has got everything but is simply sleeping,” he said.

The President is optimistic that Africa will grow and overtake all those groups in a shot time. 

“China is the second biggest economy in the world now. In the 60s it was very far. Africa is a huge giant but asleep. Thank you very much for waking up people who have been sleeping.

The President welcomed Kenya’s Vice President William Ruto whom he described as ‘a very committed East African’ for working with the Equity Bank to secure funding for the project

On the issue of Operation Wealth creation that was hailed as a great example of empowering the grassroots in creating wealth, the president said Ugandans are not poor but needed to be sensitized.

“People spend so much time on coffee and end up earning 500million dollars for the whole country, we produce almost 9million bags. Tourism is about Shs 1.6bn now and gold is coming up. These people not poor, how can you be poor when you have three acres of land and more. OWC is about waking up people,” he said.

The President said subsistence agriculture is the problem of Uganda and that is why he involved the army to wake up the people to use their land to produce for the stomach and pocket through enterprise selection and mix.

On issue of bio diversity, the President said a revolution is taking place in Africa and in terms of biodiversity it is unrivalled. 

“Pharmaceutical companies are in the right place here. My role is that I come from the traditional way to introduce you to the modern way and get synthesis. One of our scientist Prof. Ogwang producing something for Corona, it is not his, its for the community. There are so many things here. There is a lot of medicine in plants, we are just scratching the surface. This facility is at the right place at the right time,” he said.

Kenya Deputy President William Ruto said he was representing East Africans living in Kenya as a demonstration of brotherhood of East African nations.

Ruto said the investment is significant in three fundamentals ways including that Magoola, who is the brain behind this great multibillion investment is an East African and a Ugandan. “Ordinarily, investments of this magnitude have white faces. Ordinarily it is people from Europe and America who engage in these investment. Congratulations to Magoola. We are proud of you as an East African that the language you are speaking of billions of dollars, we are domesticating it in our continent. It is new but we have champions like you who are daring to walk the journey to invest in the space and magnitude that we have witnessed,” he said.

Ruto commended the Equity Bank in Kenya for funding the project.

He said when Magoola was putting together the financial package and the syndicate that would help finance this facility, he introduced him to Equity Bank.

“A huge investment like this would be financed by the World Bank, IMF or IFC. We are proud that our own institution Equity bank led the way to finance this. It is a milestone,” he said.

Ruto said Magoola, is lucky because he has a great mentor and leader who has provided support and for this investment to take place

“That you speak straight and encourage East Africans to invest here in East Africa goes along way to change destiny of our region and you have our support. Africa was continent of conflict, war and disease by description of others but we are describing it anew as continent of opportunity, a continent with highest return on investment, youngest population and  65% of arable land to feed its people. It is very reassuring that citizens of this continent esp East Africans like Magoola are turning challenges to opportunity. Africa will be place producing medicine and drugs that will not only deal with challenges of health but also supply rest of the globe. It is a gratifying moment that Africa can no longer be source of problems but source of solutions not only for Africa issues but globally,” he said.

The ceremony was attended by among others the Minister of Health Dr. Jane Ruth Acheng, the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Dr.Monica Musenero, Minister of State for Investment David Bahati, World Health Organization country representative Yonas Tegega Woldemariam, Dei Bio Pharmacy Chairman Managing Director Mathias Magoola, Dei group Director Kellen Magoola, USA advisor Food and Drug Authority Prof Sarfaraz Niaz among others.