President Accepts NRM Caucus Nomination for 2021 Presidential Candidature

Monday, March 18, 2019

Monday 18th March 2019

President Yoweri Museveni who is also the national Chairman of the NRM Party has today accepted the NRM Parliamentary Caucus endorsement of the Party’s Central Executive Committee’s resolution that was made at Chobe Safari Hotel in Nwoya District last month that nominated him as the NRM Presidential candidate for the 2021 elections. 

“I thank the Caucus for forwarding my name to add on more spectacles for the new journey of 'mission-led leadership' for you and your predecessors for the recovery of Uganda. Am very pleased with your confidence in me and since am still very able and I happen to be among the most conversant with this journey, I happily agree to serve," he said, adding that he is very convinced that together they can make NRM invulnerable, not vulnerable to any attack when they budget well, deal with the issues of the youth & job creation among others".

“What we have done for the national economic recovery up to the current national GDP of 6.91% is because there has been opportunity to do it. Uganda now exports more goods to other countries, yet this is just the beginning; meaning that mission-oriented leadership concept in politics is not hot air,” he said. 

The President made the remarks this afternoon to the NRM Parliamentary caucus  who have been on a one-week Retreat. 

“Since you have confidence in me and since I am still able, I am ready to serve,” he said. He, however, reminded the legislators of the need for them to learn about military tactics of  'out flanking formation’ so as not to be derailed from the core mission. 

“I am convinced that you as legislators, can get NRM not to be vulnerable to trouble by applying mission oriented leadership approach. Uganda today has a budget of Shs.22 trillion to promote wealth in society and this should not let the country be  vulnerable politically,” he added. 

Mr. Museveni further told the legislators that they should inherit leadership as a mission, regard it as a career but not as a job so that the four principles are achieved, namely: people's interests as opposed to identity; initiation of a character based on patriotism focused on the people; changing society from a pre-capitalistic economy to a money economy and promotion of Pan-Africanism aimed at political integration to ensure security. He noted that enumerated principles are inclined to mission oriented leadership hence the need for constitutional flexibility. 

"Build a mission for the people of Uganda and Africa at large rather than  copying other  missions out of Africa as if we are operating in a theatre," he emphasized. 

Mr. Museveni told the legislators that steps have been taken  to work with other leaders in Africa on how to transform the continent forever. "These steps need a concerted effort and support from everybody", he said adding that other issues will  be dealt  with by each  situation at an appropriate time. 

He further reiterated the need to look for funds for supporting the youth especially  SACCOs in different income generating activities in all districts to create jobs  for the youth and society economic transformation rather than putting resources into creating new districts. "Let the NRM reinforce itself by not leaving some gaps in our plans", he emphasized. 

The President further advocated for the implementation of OWC national policy on a four acre of land enterprise selection for every parish aiming  at  earning Shs. 64 million per year. 

On behalf of the caucus, Hon Isaac Musumba, the MP for Zayi constituency in Kamuli district thanked President Museveni for accepting his nomination as NRM presidential candidate 2021 from the NRM Parliamentary Caucus saying that  the resolution culminates  from a fifty year laid foundation ago when Mr. Museveni offered himself to lead  a crusade to spearhead Uganda and Africa continent into transformation. "You have added a milestone to the development of Uganda", he said.