President to Christians “Be good examples, Lead through Hard Work”

Monday, May 20, 2019

LIRA DISTRICT: President Yoweri Museveni has called on Christians to lead through hard work and be examples to others in contributing to stable families. 

He made the call yesterday at the Urban Arch Deacon, Diocese of Lango in Lira Municipality during the 5 days Mothers’ Union Convention. The President is in Lango region as part of his national tour to promote the job and wealth creation campaign aimed at providing jobs and improving household incomes.

“I congratulate you for being committed family members and for your faith. Christians should be examples of hard work and also in avoiding sins. One can’t just be a spectator in dancing or watching football. When it comes to work, you must all participate. Choose enterprises that will bring in some money after doing calculations,” he said. 

He noted that poverty could contribute towards family instability also lead people into temptation.

He contributed Ush 10 million towards the convention. He pledged to fulfill the pledge of a double cabin pick up that he made earlier. He encouraged them to use their talents for the benefit of their families and communities.

The Mothers’ Union leader Rev. Deacon Grace Oyuku revealed that they were attending an annual convention with over 300 new mothers enrolling in the Union. She said that they look at the challenges of women in parenting and try to support each other for the good of society.