President Museveni Eulogizes former Busoga Bishop Bamwoze

Thursday, February 14, 2019

President Yoweri Museveni has eulogised the late Bishop Emeritus Cyprian Bamwoze, former Bishop of Busoga Diocese describing him as a person who had respect for religion right from his youthful life. 

‘’I thought I should locate time to come to give testimony about what I know about the late Bishop Bamwoze. This is very important because old men have become scarce. I feel pity when I see the young generation without information,” he said.

The President was this afternoon speaking to Parliament during a session allotted to pay last respects and tribute to the late Bishop of Busoga Diocese, Cyprian Bamwoze at the Parliamentary Building in Kampala. The Bishop died of leukaemia aged 86 years on Monday at Mulago Hospital. He was Busoga Diocesan prelate from 1972 to 1998.

The President said that he had known the late Bishop Bamwoze for the last 57 years having met for the first time in 1962 during a Christian Youth Conference at Nabugabo Youth Camp in Uganda’s Central Region. The Youth Camp then was used as a convention where where the elders would brief and guide the young people about living Christian life. 

“I was Mulokole and a very active member of the Scripture Union Movement. It was good because it would help the young ones to learn about the Bible. It helped me a lot. At the time, the late Bamwoze was one of the organizers having been Secretary for Youth Affairs in the Church,” he said.

Mr. Museveni lauded the late Bishop for helping and working with the youth adding; “when you connect the youth with the church, they cannot go wrong. This taught me a lot. Even when we were fighting during the bush war, we were fighting in a Christian way. That is why Uganda doesn’t have a refugees problem,” he noted.

He said that before 1986, Uganda had one million of its citizens in exile. He added that the country which was number 4 in the export of refugees, does not have its people as refugees now. ENDS