President Museveni meets with American Jewish Delegation

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

President Yoweri Museveni has today met with a delegation of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish organizations now on a visit to Uganda who paid him a courtesy call at State House, Entebbe.

The delegation, led by Mr. Malcolm Hoenlein, the Executive Chairman of the Conference of Presidents, comprises 53 major Jewish organizations of the Unites States of America established with the aim of strengthening the Israeli-American relations. Some of the organizations that were represented include: American Friends of Likud, Emunah, Zionist Organization of America, Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America, Jewish News Service, to mention but a few.

In matters relating to the Middle East, President Museveni told the delegation that according to the Bible, both Jews and Palestinians belong to the Middle East. He added that it is for this reason that Uganda cannot accept a version of history that excludes them from a historical entitlement to that part of the world.

“In the Bible, there is a lot of talk and references about the Medians and Persians. The Arab people say that you people do not belong to the Middle East. Some say that the Europeans brought you. I disagreed with the Iranians that the Jews do not belong there. According to the Bible you belong there. You must find a way of living there together,” he said.

Citing the immense business opportunities and the ready market in Uganda and regionally, Mr. Museveni also called upon the Jewish community to invest in agro-processing, minerals, and high-end professional services like specialized medical treatment and tourism.

“I am a donor to India because my people go there for specialized treatment. I urge you to come and build hospitals for these specialized services,” he advised.

According to Mr. Malcolm Hoenlein, the conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish organizations decided to visit Uganda because it is a good ally and there is a good opportunity for both Uganda and Israel to grow together.  He thanked President Museveni for his hospitality, vision and the good development strategy for Uganda.

Mr. Museveni gave the Chairman of the Conference of Presidents books about the beauty of Uganda and the freedom struggle while Mr. Malcolm gave the President a book case as a gift to help him store his important documents. ENDS