President Passes out skilled youth in Bugweri District

Monday, December 9, 2019

President Yoweri Museveni has advised the youth in Bugweri District in Busoga Sub-Region to get involved deeply in fish farming activities at the edge of swamps instead of destroying wetlands by growing rice in them.

“I proposed to the 2nd Deputy Prime Minister Kirunda Kivejinja fish farming instead of rice growing that dries up swamps. This venture could save many youth from poverty,” he said.

The President was yesterday passing out 8,000 youth in the first ever graduation ceremony in Bugwerri District who have successfully completed their skilling courses in various fields. The courses included hairdressing, tailoring, catering, sweater making, bakery, welding, candle and chalk making.

The free skill acquisition program, was organized by the Mukono Life Care Development Coalition in partnership with Bugweri District Local Government under the Presidential Initiative Scheme.

President Museveni thanked the 2nd Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for East African Affairs, Al Hajji Kirunda Kivejinja along with the Executive Director of Mukono Life Care Development Coalition, Ms. Judith Nalumansi for skilling the youth. He noted that this was a very important step as the training in tailoring, among others, can help the youth to solve the problem of clothing in Bugweri.

He observed that other skills like chalk, sweater and bag making can save the foreign currency that the country would spend on importation of those items from other countries. He said that more skills such as shoe making will be included in their courses. He noted that this was the beginning of a new campaign of waking up people who have been sleeping for a long time.

The President disclosed that government is going to open a leather factory in Luweero District that will supply leather for shoe making noting that “shoes will no longer be imported as they will be made here,” he said. 

Mr. Museveni, who congratulated graduands for acquiring life skills, used the occasion to remind the youth of Bugweri District and all Ugandans in general that the real answer to wealth creation and poverty eradication lies in the 4 sectors of commercial agriculture, industries, services and Information Communication Technology (ICT). He also asked them to adopt the culture of growing fruits and dairy farming for milk.

Regarding sugarcane growing, the President said its uses could be diversified once its processing is upgraded. He added that good quality sugar could be used in pharmaceuticals for making syrups and soft drinks among other products. He observed even paper can be made from sugarcane products.

2nd Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for East African Affairs, Al Hajji Kirunda Kivejinja said that the youth will be able to earn an income and get out of poverty by putting to use the skills they have acquired.