President vows to fight land war as he takes OWC message to Wakiso District

Friday, July 19, 2019

President Yoweri Museveni has called upon the children of the veterans in Namayumba Sub-County in Wakiso District to work with him in fighting household poverty in their area, just as their parents tremendously helped him during the NRM liberation struggle. 

The President was today addressing a wealth and job creation rally in Bempe Parish, Namuyamba Sub County, Wakiso district. 

Mr. Museveni, who thanked the people of Namayumba for supporting him during the liberation struggle, advised them to participate in wealth creation activities to alienate poverty from their households.

“The Bible says that seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all will be added to you. You must also first seek the wealth of your family, the rest will come later,” he said.

On the issue of coffee growing in the area, President Museveni clarified that the new coffee law in Uganda was not meant to give license but rather to register the farmers. He reiterated that this would help the country to know the farmers that are producing coffee if it is to be exported.

“Look after your coffee well such that you get good quality coffee that can fetch a high price,” he advised.

Referring to land grabbing issues in Wakiso District, the President warned district leaders who colluded with administrators to steal people’s land and remove them from their Bibanja.  He advised those who were affected with land issues to form a group so that he can meet and help them.

“I will fight this land war even if it means going back in the bush. I will not allow these land grabbers to torment the children of my veterans. There is a man in Mityana called Luwalira who formed a group of those who were affected with land issues. You must also make a group of those who are affected such that we meet and discuss,” he said.

On the health sector, President Museveni advised the residents to participate in prevention health practices such as immunization, sleeping under mosquito nets, and refraining from promiscuous activities. He added if they did this, they would not be going to hospitals.

 He promised the people of Namayumba that government would make it a priority to bring electricity to the area. He, however, told them they should not wait for government development programmes in order to increase their household incomes.

During the rally, Wakiso NRM Women Council and Leagues endorsed President Museveni as the NRM sole candidate come the 2021 general elections. ENDS